Africa-Arab Cultural Institute
Africa and Arab regions integrated and peaceful, adhering to the principles of equity, tolerance, solidarity and prosperity

Visions & Missions

The Institute: Visions & Missions


“Africa and Arab regions fully integrated and peaceful, adhering to the principles of equity, tolerance, complimentarity, solidarity and sustainable development and prosperity”


  • To conduct research and strategic studies on ِ Afro-Arab cooperation.
    To promote studies on cultural, socio-economic and political issues of interest to both parties.
  • To protect the common cultural heritage, including manuscripts, monuments, works of art, historical artifacts  etc… and strive to recover the missing cultural treasures belonging to Africa and the Arab World;
  • To organize exchange programs, symposia, conferences and festivals bringing together cultural experts, scientists, youth, academicians and publish the outcome of such gatherings.
  • To organize contests and offer scholarships and fellowships to encourage competitiveness among intellectuals, thinkers, authors, scientists, youth, sportsmen etc.
  • To contribute to the publication and distribution of school/university textbooks and outstanding works to make them available to the general public;
    To find extra-budgetary resources for protecting the African and Arab cultural heritage.



The objectives of the Afro-Arab Institute for Culture and Strategic Studies are to:

  • Promote mutual knowledge of African and Arab peoples through their respective cultures.
  • Strengthen cultural cooperation and exchange between the African and Arab regions and highlight their contribution to human civilization.
  • Encourage and facilitate contacts, discussions and dialogue among officials, academicians, researchers, businessmen, thinkers and civil society organizations, on issues of common interest.
  • Promote and encourage cultural exchange between the two regions in accordance with the principles and the resolutions on Afro-Arab Cooperation.
    Contribute to the effective implementation of the resolutions, policy decisions and the programs of the AU and LAS.


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