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Third meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the 4th Africa-Arab Summit

Upon invitation by the African Union Commission, the Deputy Director General of the Institute, Dr. Mahamat Adoum Doutoum has represented the Institute at the 3rd Preparatory Meeting of the 4th Africa-Arab Summit, September 5th, 2016 in Malabo – Equatorial Guinea.

After adoption of the agenda of the meeting and the discussion of the item 7 pertaining to the Institute’s progress report on preparations of the sidelines events which the ICAA was requested to implement, the Deputy Director General of the Institute made a brief presentation on the progress made to this regards.

After discussion, the meeting has adopted two events:

  1. Awards Ceremony;
  2. Book Fair have a peek at these guys.

In the implementation framework of the book fair, the meeting has recommended the Institute to team up with Egypt, which has pledged to support entirely related expenditure.

The date of the 4th Africa – Arab Summit has been scheduled for November 17 to 23, 2016 in Malabo – Equatorial Guinea.

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