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Signing Ceremony of an MOU between the AACI and the USSGB

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the ICAA and the USSGB was held on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at 10 am at the Institute’s headquarters in the Cité du Niger. The ceremony was chaired by the AACI Director General Dr. Mohamed Salem SOUFI and Professor Samba DIALLO, Rector of the University of Social Sciences and Management of Bamako (USSGB).

Officials of both entities in addition to the journalists of public and private television outlets and media were present at the ceremony.

The Director General, at the beginning of his speech, expressed his gratitude to his guests for honoring their presence at this ceremony which is part of the consolidation of its partnership with institutions of higher education, centers of study and research and organizations working in the field of culture in the member countries of the African Union and the League of Arab States in line with the resolution of the 4th Africa-Arab Summit in November 2016 in Malabo -Equatorial Guinea.

With this in mind, the Africa-Arab Cultural Institute is committed to diversifying its relations by signing cooperation agreements with several universities and research centers in Africa and the Arab world.

On the other hand, the Rector of the USSGB in his address expressed in turn his deep appreciation to the distinguished guests for their presence at this ceremony and the Director General of the AACI and his team for the noble initiative taken and for having accepted to host the ceremony.

He also gave a brief presentation of his young institution, which has 16399 students tutored by 271 teachers and has two faculties and two institutes. The USSGB aims to be a regional center of excellence in territorial issues. In order to rapidly materialize the agreement, he hopes that a commission will be set up to work on the action plans of the two institutions with a view to identifying actions to be taken together in the next five years.

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