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Working session with Malivaleurs and the UNESCO Office at the headquarters of the Institute

The headquarters of the Institute hosted on Tuesday 20/03/2018 a working session which brought together from one hand, the Deputy Director General of the Institute Dr Mahamat Adoum DOUTOUM, accompanied by Mr Mohamed Misbaho TRAORE in charge of human resources and projects of the Institute and a delegation of the Malivaleurs Movement led by Mr Ismaila Samba TRAORE, President, and Mr Moussa GANSORE and Ms DIALLO Kadiatou KONE, and the representative of the UNESCO Office in Bamako SANGARE Marie Doussou from the other hand.

In his capacity as Chairperson of the meeting, the Deputy Director-General at the beginning of his remarks thanked his hosts for making the trip and discussed the purpose of the meeting, which focused on the preparations for organizing two activities submitted by the Malivaleurs Movement. The Deputy Director General reiterated the Institute’s commitment to the implementation of the two projects through the disbursement of the first instalment of the Institute’s contribution in line with the partnership agreement signed between the Institute and Malivaleurs.

The Deputy Director-General, at the end of his remarks, sent the ball at the court of the UNESCO to define their contribution to implement the two activities.

The representative of the UNESCO Office informed that her organization would work in tandem with MINUSMA to finance projects and asked the President of Malivaleurs to clarify the two projects.

The President of Malivaleurs has informed that there are two projects submitted, the first of which concerns an international festival of poetry in April 2018 which has two components. The first component concerns pre-colonial poems in Ajami and Arabic, and the second component is French-speaking poetry, which has been the subject of an anthology in Mali. Round tables and cultural evenings will evoke the contribution of poets and writers to the construction of a Malian thought in the service of the school. The invited countries are: Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Senegal, France, Switzerland.

The second project concerns the third edition of an international conference on the theme: “the contribution of writers to deconstruct sectarian, identity and jihadist discourses”, scheduled for May 2, 3 and 4, 2018 in Bamako.

UNESCO Office and MINUSMA are working in collaboration to materialize their financial support to the organization of the two activities with the understanding that the Institute has already disbursed the first installment of its contribution.

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