Afro-Arab Cultural Institute
Africa and Arab regions integrated and peaceful, adhering to the principles of equity, tolerance, solidarity and prosperity


In line with the resolution no (5) of the 4th Africa-Arab Summit on the Africa-Arab Cultural Institute, held in November 2016 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, and in view of the results of the Consultative meeting between the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and the African Union Commission at the Arab League Headquarters in Cairo from 2nd and 3rd August 2017, and upon invitation addressed by H.E the Commissioner of Social and Cultural Affairs of the African Union, a meeting was held between Senior Officials of some Departments of the African Union Commission and the Director General of the Institute, Dr. Mohamed Salem Soufi, which was chaired by H.E. Amira Al-Fadil on 21st August 2017, held at the Headquarters of the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The meeting discussed the situation of the Africa-Arab Cultural Institute and the difficulties it faces. The meeting agreed on short-term and long-term solutions.


  1. To pay statutory contributions during the first quarter of every year in line with the recommendation of the Executive Council of the Institute.
  2. To put on secondment to Institute some staff from the African Union Commission at its charge and to formulate the same request to the Arab League to follow suit.
  3. To appoint Mr. Girma Zewdie as Focal Point for the Institute at the African Union Commission.
  4. To increase collective commitment to the Institute and to accord it due political dimension by linking it directly with the Office of the Chairperson of the Commission and to not let it to be overseen by technicians.
  5. E. the Commissioner of Social Affairs will undertake a field visit to the Institute before the end of 2017.
  6. To link the Institute with similar cultural organizations in the African Union.
  7. To invite the Institute to all the cultural activities and events organized by the AU Commission.
  8. The Director General shall submit a report on the Institute to the specialized Ministerial Committee of the African Union at its next meeting in 2018.
  9. The Director General of the Institute, accompanied by Mr. Girma Zewdie, will visit the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa in Khartoum to seek funding for some major projects such as the Arab and African Ministers of Culture Meeting and the Africa-Arab Film Festival.
  10. To hold annually the Ad-interim Executive Council to approve the Institute’s budget and projects.
  11. To link the Institute with the African Language Academy (ACALAN) in Mali and with the Center for Linguistic and Historical Studies through the Oral Tradition (CELHTO) in Niger.


  1. The African Union should endorse by its policy organs the basic documents of the transformation of the Institute into an Africa-Arab Institute for Culture and Strategic Studies.
  2. To introduce a comprehensive reform to the Institute.
  3. To raise the budget of the Institute to ONE MILLION US DOLLARS, which has remained to the tune of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS for 15 years.

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