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Launch of the third edition of the forum «Combating Terrorism and Regional Interventions»

The third edition of the Afro-Arab Forum for Combating Terrorism and Extremism kicked off on Tuesday 01 October 2019 in Cairo under the theme: “Combating Terrorism and Regional Interventions and their Impacts on Arab and African Security”, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, and the chairmanship of Ambassador Mohamed El-Orabi, former Foreign Minister, with the participation of a Arab and African leading experts from 16 Arab and African countries.

The Forum is sponsored and organized by the Egyptian and Arab Solidarity Foundation, chaired by Dr. Zein Sadat, the Africa-Arab Cultural Institute affiliated to the League of Arab States and the African Union, and Ambassador Muna Omar, former Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs, Secretary General of the Forum.

This year, the Forum focuses heavily on combating terrorism by confining it and examining the causes of its spread and how to confront it with culture and thought, as well as other challenges, through gearing up a common strategy between Arab and African countries to combat it.

The second session will discuss the external challenges facing Arab and African countries, especially the interventions of some regional countries in the Arab and African affairs.

This forum is an update of the previous two versions held in Egypt and Iraq.


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