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International Policy Dialogue Conference on the theme: “Security regimens in Africa”

The Deputy Director General of the Institute, Dr. Mahamat Adoum Doutoum, has represented the Institute in the International Policy Dialogue Conference, on the theme: Security Regimens in Africa”, organized by the CODESRIA in partnership with the Université des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Bamako, on September 28-29 2016 in Bamako – Mali.

The conference brought together around sixty (60) researchers, policy makers and practitioners from twenty African countries, the US, the UK, France, Haiti and Jamaica.

The Deputy Director General chaired one of the seven (07) panels which in addition to two roundtables allowed discussing multiple issues such as:

  • Financing of terrorism and militarization of many societies in response to security threats,
  • Problematic role of the great powers in questions of security in African countries,
  • Challenges of coordinating the multiple levels of responses to security threats,
  • Role that African intellectuals can play in these security crises and their responses,
  • Local, national and regional interventions, the privatization of security,
  • Links between security measures and human rights, good governance and the rule of law,
  • Sustainability of these interventions and their impact on level of resilience of the affected communities,
  • Cross-cutting issues such as gender, poverty, inequality, and the relationship between local, national and international interventions.

The conference succeeded in promoting dialogue between researchers and policy makers. The scholars interacted with officials from state institutions from Nigeria, Mali and Rwanda and staff of international organizations like UNOWAS, AU and ECOWAS, UNWomen, MINUSMA and the Africa-Arab Cultural Institute.

The next steps in the pursuit of the project on security regimens in Africa are: Policy Briefs, Specialized Journal, Partnership for future work.

For further information on the issue, please contact Mamay JAH by Email: mamay.jah@codesria.org

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