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Afro-Arab Youth Afrabia Prize ‎“4 edition”‎

General Conditions for Participation:

 The age of competitor shall be between 18 – 35 years.

  1. The participant shall be from an Arab or African Country.
  2. Copy of the passport and the participated work shall be attached.
  3. The nominated work should not be previously participated by in other competition.
  4. The language of participation is “Arabic, English and French language”.
  5. Application shall start as from 5/05/2017 to 01/10/2018.
  6. Application shall be through the Prize Website: afrabia.org

Areas of Participations:


Conditions for Participation:

 The poem shall be written in classic Arabic language.

  1. The poem should not be previously participated by in competition whether severally or jointly within Divan “collection of Poems”.
  2. The competitor shall participate by just one poem; and the other divans, groups or bunches of poems shall be excluded.
  3. No particular subject shall be imposed on the poet, whereas emphasis shall be on technical quality in accordance with the standards of criticism.

Short story:

Conditions for Participation:

  1. The number of pages of the participated poem shall not exceed “12” pages, computer printed on one side, A4 size, font 16, Simplified Arabic or Times New Roman.
  2. The poem should be previously published or won similar local or international prize; and that the writer should write the name of the poem on the work he participated by; and his name and address and the remaining information on the form prepared for the participation. The work should not include the dedication or any reference to the writer.
  3. The participated work should comply with the innovative condition in writing the poem and to avoid discussing the issues of race, religion, racialism, well-known sexual and religious taboo words.
  4. Inspiration of African and Arab environment and society, the values of the African and Arab civilization including the great role of the two regions and their intellectual and cultural impact on the world.
  5. To comply with the general conditions of the prize.

Visual Arts

 Conditions for Participation:

  1. Comprehensiveness of the work to Afro-Arab content.
  2. Size of the work shall be 70 Centimeters X 50 Centimeters.
  3. The work shall be implemented in one coloring material or several coloring materials in one work.
  4. No copying or inspiration from other work.
  5. The original works shall be executed provided that the work should not be printed modern printing technologies.

Music and singing:

Conditions for participation:

  1. The author’s text has never participated in any festival or competition before.
  2. It is also possible to participate in African languages ​​provided that a certified translation is submitted in one of the three main languages.
  3. Each competitor shares only one song or music composer.
  4. The maximum duration of work must not exceed 7
  5. The work on the CD is accompanied by a musical code and the name of the author, performer, distributor.
  6. The content of the work must not conflict with the objectives of Afro-Arab Youth Council by communicating the message of art to the world and in no way refer in any way to political, religious or cultural objectives. Ethnics.
  7. The date of the film must be specially produced for the Afrabia Prize.

Documentary films:

Conditions for participation:

  1. Topics should be related on the human dimension are: heritage, history, tourism, influential social figures, challenges and successes, and topics of life.
  2. The duration of the film varies from 5 minutes to 13 minutes.
  3. The treatment must be committed to the norms and conditions of the documentaries in terms of history, narrative and creative treatment.
  4. The treatment depends on the diversity of the subtraction, the quality of the image and the sound.
  5. The statements must not exceed 40 seconds.
  6. It is forbidden to treat controversial subjects or to violate religions, customs, beliefs or religious and social prohibitions.
  7. The date of the film must be specially produced for Afrabia Prize.
  8. The film must not have already participated in any competition or broadcast on the TV channel and on the Internet.
  9. Not to be a separate TV show or episode in a sequential program.
  10. Sharing is not allowed for more than 2 movies.
  11. Subtitles in English or Arabic must be included for non-Arab films in the film or in the translation document attached to the film.
  12. The DVD movie only, containing a file, accepts only 2 copies or sends the final version on a download link to the Afrabia mail.
  13. The final version of the movie must be in one of the following formats: DCP, DCP, mov or mp4. Or avi.
  14. File confidentiality: Only multifunctional files (in which video, audio and subtitles are accepted in one file) are accepted. The file size must not exceed 8 GB per movie. The better the quality of the image, the better the quality of the digitizer.
  15. Attach the poster of a length length A0 length 1189mm width 841mm to 72dpi.

The Filmmakers are required to ensure that the film has been selected as a screening in the Afrabia Film Prize with the prize (if awarded) on the DVD’s outside cover or on the movie poster and in the movie badge.

The organizer has the right to keep the film acceptable for the contest and to distribute it to the public after the festival if the film wins or does not win.

  1. The Prize Organizing Committee will have the right to display the participating films and will retain all financial revenues.
  2. The organizing committee will have the right to refuse any film or to submit it for presentation outside the competition without giving reasons.
  3. No participating film may withdraw without the consent of the organizing committee.
  4. The intellectual property rights of any film or part of it are the responsibility of the entrant.
  5. Fill out the registration form on the registration page with all the required documents no later than….. The participant must insure the salary of the shipment.

Value of the prize:

  • The first prize is  5,000 US Dollars.
  • The second prize is 4,000 US Dollars.
  • The third prize is  3,000 US Dollars.

The Website of the Prize:


The Visual Arts shall be delivered at the premises of the Council at Obeid Khatim Street, Khartoum.  Or on a mailbox No: 7559 Postal Code (11123)

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