Afro-Arab Cultural Institute
Africa and Arab regions integrated and peaceful, adhering to the principles of equity, tolerance, solidarity and prosperity

The international symposium launching ceremony on the theme “African literature of Arabic expression” was held […]

The 2nd Extra-Ordinary Senior Officials Meeting of the Coordination Committee of Africa-Arab Partnership was held […]

The Afro-Arab Cultural Institute (AACI) and the Afro-Arab Youth Council (AAYC) have reached a memorandum […]

The international conference on the theme: “the contribution of African to the development of Arab […]

Abstract: In a development crisis context in which the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) have been […]

On Wednesday 09 March 2016, a team of experts led by Pro. Papa Demba FALL […]

This is the wish of the Muslim to everybody he comes across and indeed a […]

The African Union Commission and the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States held […]

Migration is one of the hot topics on the international agenda. It has its pros and cons. As a cross – border phenomenon with wide-ranging economic, cultural, political and security implications, it affects all countries: exporting, receiving as well as transit.